Treating Rodents Atlanta Georgia Apartments Tactfully

Did you hear a rat skittering in your atlanta georgia apartments? Have you noticed droppings in you house? Be sure its nothing but your apartments has been attached by rats. If you are the landlord of the property, you need to call in for pest controllers. But what will renters do in these cases? Renters are in a fix. It is the duty of the landlord to take care of these issues before he/she rents the house but many renters are just too casual about these issues. Here are some suggestions for these troubled renters, to come out of the mess.

The agreement must have a mention of pest infection issues

When you move into Atlanta Georgia apartments, these are agreements which are signed by both the parties. Make sure the agreement is a clear one and get protected as much as possible. The landlord might not be able to stand there to prevent these rodents from trespassing, but he must take necessary measures like checking the apartment before renting, and if these are any attacks later on, he will be responsible to take care of the situation.

Avoid their influx

Yes, it is the duty of the apartment owner to take care of the apartment but since you too stay there is it your duty too, to prevent their entry. Rodents dwell in dirty places where there is the availability of food. Make sure you clean the trash immediately and not wait for the weekends. Make sure your bins are with covers. Do not store rubbish in your house for long periods. Take care of the pipelines; make sure you periodically clean them too. Keep doors and windows closed. When the sink is not being used cover the sinkhole, with a stopper.

Poisoning is not the solution, use traps instead

Those who have to take care of these rodents by themselves they need to understand that poising the rodents in not the solution rather it leads to greater problems. Poisoning might lead to the rodents dying inside the house and you not being able to track where it has died. Meanwhile it will rot and release the terrible smell. If you have pets, they might eat up the poison which is another terrible issue. Traps, therefore, are way better. They attract rodents like rats and mice easily.

Along with you taking these steps to prevent rodents ask your neighbors to be careful also. Ask them to sets up traps in this way the neighborhood remains rodent free.

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