Atlanta Traffic Among Worst In US And Worldwide: Report

Atlanta Traffic Among Worst In US And Worldwide: Report | Atlanta ...

ATLANTA, GA — Every driver in the Atlanta metro knows that the commutes are a nightmare, but you may not know that the traffic is among the worst not only in this country, but in the world. If you’re a driver in the United States, you’re probably intimately familiar with what traffic jams look like, or at least more so than the rest of the developed world. That’s because American drivers spend on average about 41 hours — roughly a whole work week — staring at someone else’s bumper because they’re stuck in traffic, according to a new report by the analytics company INRIX.

That horrid shared experience of inching along on the roadway and braking every few feet cost the United States more than $300 billion last year — an amount roughly the size of Singapore’s whole economy. Atlanta ranked fourth in the United States and tenth in the world for traffic congestion, with each driver spending on average 27 hours a week at peak periods tied up in traffic last year.

Atlanta drivers spent 10 percent of their time sitting in traffic; 17 percent of their time on the road is stuck, on average, on roads within the city. During the morning and evening commutes, area drivers spend 70 hours stuck in congestion on roads into and out of the city.

Massive congestion hurts the economy, too, INRIX said, because it leads to direct costs — wasted time and fuel — and indirect costs, meaning freight and business fees from idling vehicles that are later passed on to households through higher prices.

The average American driver lost more than $1,400 last year due to congestion, the analysis found.


Three of the top five most congested cities on Earth are in America, the company found. Unsurprisingly, Los Angeles — where drivers spent on average 100 hours last year in traffic — ranked No. 1 in the world.
New York City ranked No. 2 with 91 hours and San Francisco ranked fifth worldwide with 79.

One note about Southern drivers. The study says drivers moved more quickly in the South. The top five fastest non-congested speeds during the peak period on highways were all in the South, with Florida having the highest uncongested average speeds in 2017. Drivers in Fort Myers moved the fastest at an average of 68 mph.

INRIX evaluated more than 1,300 cities in 38 countries to come up with its rankings.

Thailand had the highest average amount of time spent in peak congestion at 56 hours, followed by Indonesia at 51 hours, Columbia at 49 hours, and Venezuela at 42.

See how your city stacked up against the rest of the world here.

What’s your take on Atlanta’s traffic? Tell us in comments below.

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Westside Future Fund acquires 35-unit apartment building to keep area affordable

Westside Future Fund acquires 35-unit apartment building to keep ...

The Westside Future Fund unveiled its first property acquisition on Friday – a 35-unit vacant apartment building at 395 James P. Brawley Dr. NW.

The acquisition marked the beginning of a tangible effort to provide affordable housing to the legacy residents in the English Avenue and Vine City neighborhoods.

“We want to make sure that Atlanta continues to be a place that’s affordable to all,” Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms said during a program in front of the apartment complex. “This is a start.”

Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms at the press conference to unveil acquisition of apartment building (Photo by Maria Saporta)

The 35-unit apartment complex will be renovated for about $2 million, and it should be ready for occupancy in six to eight months, said John Ahmann, executive director of the Westside Future Fund.

Councilmember Ivory Young said there’s a “holistic revolution” underway in the Westside neighborhoods, and he commended the city and the Westside Future Fund for its anti-displacement initiatives.

One of the biggest concerns is that longtime residents in those communities will be forced out due to higher rents and property values. More than 80 percent of the people who live in those communities are renters, which means they are at the mercy of their landlords.

“This neighborhood has always had a tremendous sense of community,” said Councilmember Michael Julian Bond, who grew up nearby. “There’s no better location, no better space than to live here right now on the Westside.”

State Rep. Able Mable Thomas described the English Avenue of her youth when fruit trees were plentiful throughout the neighborhood. She then said there are people living in dilapidated conditions in houses and apartment projects nearby.

Rev. Howard Beckham at press conference (Photo by Maria Saporta)

After the press conference, two residents of the nearby 375 James P. Brawley apartment complex stopped Mayor Bottoms to explain their plight – of living in apartments with no heat and multiple code violations, including mold.

“Find our landlord, and move us ASAP,” Robin Cochran pleaded with the mayor. “Help us financially to move. There are seven to eight families living there. Everything is wrong.”

Tori Putnam, who lives a couple of units over from Cochran, said she has been living at 375 Brawley for two years. She has two children – T’Paris Putnam, 3, and Quantize Chambers Jr., 2, with a third child on the way.

She explained that instead of repairing the property, the former landlord sold the complex to a new owner. “In January, we got an eviction notice from the new owner,” Putnam said. He claimed they were behind on their rent, but the residents had not been informed of the new ownership and the where to send their rents.

Mayor Bottoms promised she would look into their situation and get back to them.

Rev. Howard Beckham, president of the English Avenue Neighborhood Association, said he has served in the community for 23 years, and he is seeing improvements in the community.

Robin Cochran appeals to Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms about her living conditions (Photo by Maria Saporta)

Still, the legacy residents keep asking him: “What is going to happen to us?”

“To date, they have not seen much that has been put in place,” Beckham said. “Here’s a tangible representation that that’s happening.”

Ahmann said that in addition to the 35-unit apartment complex, the Westside Future Fund has acquired another 15 single-family homes, which it intends to rehab and make available to community residents.

“We obviously want to prioritize those that are the most vulnerable, such as single mothers,” Ahmann said.

For Bond, this has been a longtime coming.

“It is really great to see the positive transformation taking place in this community,” Bond said of the revitalization process. “It is one family at a time, one household at a time and one community at a time.”

Robin Cochran takes media folks to her apartment to show that it’s in bad shape (Photo by Maria Saporta)
Tori Putnam with her two children – T’Paris Putnam and Quantize Chambers Jr. (Photo by Maria Saporta)

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As apartment burns, video shows Georgia firefighter catching child ‘like a football’

A massive fire on Jan. 3 at a metro-Atlanta apartment complex had residents fleeing for their lives and parents tossing their children off of upper floors to waiting firefighters below.

The early morning blaze, which consumed the Avondale Forest Apartments on Pine Tree Circle near Memorial Drive in Decatur, Ga., displaced dozens of people and sent several to the hospital, according to WSB-TV.

But the most dramatic moments happened as firefighters worked to evacuate the building. As the flames raged, firefighters told reporters they were catching children and infants left and right as parents dropped them down from the upper floors.

“We were catching babies like a football – literally,” fire Capt. Eric Jackson told reporters, according to CBS News. “There were adults that were on the balcony that were dropping their babies right into our arms. We had a couple firefighters catching babies, so it was just really incredible.”

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One video, captured on a firefighter’s helmet camera and shared by a firefighters’ union on Facebook, shows one of those dramatic rescues. Captain Scott Stroup runs under the balcony and stands ready as a parent is forced to toss him a child from a ladder two stories up the building. Stroup catches the child and sprints over flames on the ground to safety, then collapses on his knees

Other firefighters caught babies too, including Captain Jackie Peckrul, who told Fox 5 she recalled thinking “Lord, let me catch this baby,” as parents tossed a blanket-wrapped infant toward her. She made the catch.

At least 12 people were injured in the fire, including eight children, but no deaths were reported, according to CBS 46. Nearly 8o people were displaced by the fire in the end, and were transported to safety by a MARTA bus, reported WXIA.

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Why You Should Use A Locating Service To Find The Perfect Atlanta GA Aprtment

The Element at Kirkwood Apartments in Atlanta, Georgia

Certainly, like each organisation nowadays, home locators progressively are going on the internet. The Web is offering them with a rise of brand-new company. Locating a house in your area no more needs you to leave your residence. Activate your computer system, discover on your own a locator online, fill in and also send an on-line application which asks you your requirements as well as financial constraints, then, adhering to a duration of one to 2 days, the locator must call you by phone.

Experts likewise will certainly call you as they come across various other possibilities with which you could be interested. It’s a great deal of solution, and also it will not establish you back a dime. So just what remains in it for the locator? A compensation– yet everything relies on your notifying the apartment or condo neighborhood you inevitably pick that referred you. For the locator, it’s an adventure, however specialists that constantly call their customers as well as advise them to inform their brand-new neighborhoods concerning the locator that referred them there are the ones that obtain those payments.

If you’re seeking an apartment or condo quickly, home area solutions are a hassle-free, effective course to your following residence. The huge bulk of these solutions are totally free, as well as if you take place to stay in a high-growth city, you’re most likely to discover them all over. In North Dallas, for instance, where house area programmers are maintaining plenty active nowadays, you’ll locate as numerous as 2 and even 3 house locator solutions at the exact same crossway.

Locators proclaim their solutions as complimentary, and also think it or otherwise, they are. Not just that, yet you’ll locate their specialists flex over in reverse to supply you with generous info– lengthy listings of home areas that fit your preferred requirements.

Then, you’re most likely to obtain a fax from a rep that has actually done the research for you. You’ll have a checklist in hand of different residential or commercial properties in the location where you wish to live– all which fulfill your wanted standards. Apartment or condo services will certainly be noted, also. After that it depends on you to see the areas that fascinate you. Making an initial call to every area prior to you leave house is a smart idea, given that the locator solutions usually do unknown if each neighborhood has any kind of openings or prepares for any kind of openings– a continuously altering variable– while you desire to relocate. On top of that, if you call beforehand, you might ask renting representatives if the neighborhood is running any kind of specials. If you’re relocating throughout the months of May to September, that’s prime relocating period, as well as you can land on your own a lot.

Luxury Apartments Atlanta Are Exemplary of Perfection


The royal quality life awaits you in luxury apartments atlanta. The life which everybody wishes to live in the beautiful city of Atlanta.

Atlanta is providing you with the opportunity to explore the true meaning of this small life. Thinking of a holiday or to shift to a place where you can live peacefully and happily, then you are at the right place.

Atlanta, the city which is blessed by the Almighty, where you can find peace and happiness at every corner. The city has apartments available in a high-class locality. There are 1 to 3 bedrooms available as per your requirement.

The parking area is very close to the apartments, and you can even have a watch over your vehicle while sitting on the sofa through your bedrooms Window. The place is well maintained and furnished. The beautiful work on the walls of the apartments gives it a special appearance. There will be every facility available in and nearby the apartments where you can get rid of your problems. The shopping malls and markets are at a walking distance from the apartments. The places to shop are huge and well organized. You can buy every possible thing that you can think of. There are some markets available in the city which could be your perfect place to spend the time in a quality manner. The other government buildings including post offices, railway stations, police station, etc. are all available at a very short distance from the apartments. You can think of the ease that you will have living in those luxurious 2466 Atlanta Georgia apartments.

There are several other features which you will notice yourself when visiting. You will be able to differentiate between two kinds of lifestyles. The place will tell you through its atmosphere what life is.

Enjoyment in a healthy environment would be the prior boon provided by these apartments. You have the decision in your hand to make your life healthy wealthy and wise. There are very few times that this life provides a second chance. Why take such a risk when you are getting it now! Why don’t you stand up and pack your bags for Atlanta and have a wonderful time there? So do not wait for the right moment. Go and book the Atlanta Georgia apartments now and make this moment right.

Best Location for Apartment Renting- Atlanta Georgia Apartments

Georgia Apartments

When it comes to the apartment renting, there is always an idea of getting what comes first. This sort of strategy can put you in a difficult situation. While one is working consistently in finding the place of living, there should be enough patience for it too. Atlanta Georgia apartments are the best location for apartment renting.

While people have a busy schedule in life, there is always a need for adventure. While one has the possibility of making the money and much more, finding the best location is tough. Atlanta has the best sites for the tour and the most expensive and extravagant hotels and restaurants of the world. Apart from just hotels, the place offers the best food chains and hotel discount. Make sure you don’t waste your Waffle day when to going to Atlanta.

  • Fun time

Today in the recent century, it is almost impossible for the family to sit together and make some plans to have a fun time. What if this is very much possible, if you move to Atlanta? With exciting fun places and resorts, your family will not only enjoy the wild side of nature but will be able to discover the best spas in the great chain of hotels lined up for the residents.

The Atlanta Museum and other institutions are offering learning offering scholarships and job opportunities for your children. So why to wait and let it all go to waste. Buy an apartment in the best location. Go for Atlanta Georgia Apartments.

  • Tourism and business

With the increasing population of the world, tourism has become a very common hobby. This hobby is not just limited to one specific class but now a day’s everyone is taking selfie all around the world. Atlanta is a great tourist spot that not only makes the location attractive but more business oriented at the same time. Many apartments in Atlanta serves as offices, or some part of the apartments are made offices for the reason. Also, people buy apartments for the sake of using it for renting tourist for three days or as per their required. This is a very active business in Atlanta.

It is important that you invest not just for the settling perspective but look on the bright side of the picture. Atlanta Georgia apartments are sincerely the best location for best investment of your money and time.

Attraction Centric Atlanta Georgia Apartments

Georgia Apartments

There are lots of areas which have a lot of amenities as well as attractions around them. These help those people who like to be near the city life buzz and like to stay a part of it. This is why attraction centric Atlanta Georgia apartments are the best way to fulfill all such needs. These apartments can provide beautiful activities all around and can help with everyday routine activities too.

This attraction centric Atlanta Georgia apartments are truly the ones which provide a great combination of exotic life along with normal routine life side by side. This is also why people love to live in these apartments and do not even care about paying a little extra for them. These facilities are in great abundance. There are lots of advantages of having these apartments. These advantages, as well as attractions of Atlanta, are given as follows

    Atlanta Zoo activities

Zoo is one of the main attractions for many families that want their kids to enjoy. This is why apartments in these areas can also be found easily too.

    Centennial Olympic parks activities

The Centennial Olympic Park is a great attraction in this area, and the park is full of freshness and greenery all around. This also makes the greenbelt around it extremely healthy and beautiful to the eye. There are many people to whom a good and green environment matters a lot. This is why they prefer areas near parks so they can maintain a good lifestyle too. The apartments near this park are greatly surrounded by nature and make an ideal location too.

    World of Coca-Cola activities

The World of Coca-Cola is truly a big world where one can enjoy lots of discounts, new shows, offers, etc. all the time. This is why there are lots of apartment options for you in this area because a lot of people ask for it. The provision of all ranges of apartments near this area can be done easily. These can be from the small studio to large four bedroom apartments too.

Whether it is the world of Coca-Cola, the Botanical Garden, or whichever area you ask, all areas can be provided well. These apartments are sure to provide you with something or the other going on all the time. So, if you are looking for these types of apartments, make sure you ask for them.

Treating Rodents Atlanta Georgia Apartments Tactfully

Apartments Tactfully

Did you hear a rat skittering in your atlanta georgia apartments? Have you noticed droppings in you house? Be sure its nothing but your apartments has been attached by rats. If you are the landlord of the property, you need to call in for pest controllers. But what will renters do in these cases? Renters are in a fix. It is the duty of the landlord to take care of these issues before he/she rents the house but many renters are just too casual about these issues. Here are some suggestions for these troubled renters, to come out of the mess.

The agreement must have a mention of pest infection issues

When you move into Atlanta Georgia apartments, these are agreements which are signed by both the parties. Make sure the agreement is a clear one and get protected as much as possible. The landlord might not be able to stand there to prevent these rodents from trespassing, but he must take necessary measures like checking the apartment before renting, and if these are any attacks later on, he will be responsible to take care of the situation.

Avoid their influx

Yes, it is the duty of the apartment owner to take care of the apartment but since you too stay there is it your duty too, to prevent their entry. Rodents dwell in dirty places where there is the availability of food. Make sure you clean the trash immediately and not wait for the weekends. Make sure your bins are with covers. Do not store rubbish in your house for long periods. Take care of the pipelines; make sure you periodically clean them too. Keep doors and windows closed. When the sink is not being used cover the sinkhole, with a stopper.

Poisoning is not the solution, use traps instead

Those who have to take care of these rodents by themselves they need to understand that poising the rodents in not the solution rather it leads to greater problems. Poisoning might lead to the rodents dying inside the house and you not being able to track where it has died. Meanwhile it will rot and release the terrible smell. If you have pets, they might eat up the poison which is another terrible issue. Traps, therefore, are way better. They attract rodents like rats and mice easily.

Along with you taking these steps to prevent rodents ask your neighbors to be careful also. Ask them to sets up traps in this way the neighborhood remains rodent free.

Do You Need Rugs in Atlanta Georgia Apartments?

Georgia Apartments

Rugs are used to raise the allure of your apartments. The wooden flooring of  Atlanta Georgia apartments does not need any rug for decoration. The floor of these apartments are highly classy and are formed in a stylish way. You do not need any rug or carpet for decorating the floor of your apartment here. Some people use rugs or carpet because for kids the floor is the reason of coldness. The wood flooring has resolved this issue. It does not need any rug for your apartment flooring. But, if you are using rugs in your apartment then cleaning is a very important factor. For the residents of these apartments can easily avail the rug cleaning services nearby the building.

Why tenants need Rug Cleaning Service?

A professional cleaning service is very important for health. The residents can clean carpets in their apartments very easily because the environment is suitable for it. Cleaning carpet or dirty rug is not a major ordeal yet it needs some traps and strategies for making the assignment successfully. If you need to clean rug or carpet by yourself, then you should ensure that in which way you will begin work. The professional companies clean your rug and carpet. These carpet cleaning services will provide you a complete assistance in keeping clean your surroundings. You must be careful in cleaning the rugs because a dirty carpet is the reason of many health issues.

Why do you need to clean Carpet?

The dirty rugs and carpets can ruin your health. A dirty carpet can be risky for your life and leaves the terrible effect on the body progressively. The germs are various that can harm your health because of the non-toxic material. It produces a harmful impact on the conditions and causes environmental pollution. You can get rid of this health issue by keeping your rugs clean. Some other damages of the dirty rug are given below for the concern of the users.

  1. Liver, kidney and Central nervous system disorders, Memory impairment
  2. A headache, nausea, Cancer, fatigue
  3. Visual weakness, lightheadedness, Asthma, Dizziness
  4. Skin allergy
  5. Skin rashes,
  6. Irritation and allergy in nose, throat, eyes and respiratory tract

Avoid using carpets and rugs in the Atlanta Georgia apartments because these are designed with wood flooring. The modern techniques and the technology enhance the decoration of your apartment.